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Frequently asked questions about 123XLSX.com and 123XLSX products and services.

At 123XLSX.com our aim is to provide you with the utmost in secure, online shopping, for all your product purchasing and download needs.

We understand the concerns of online shoppers, their concerns for security, and their demands for stringent secure transaction measures.

And so in order to meet these demands, and provide you with the assurance of complete peace of mind, 123XLSX has chosen to partner with PayPal, the global leader in online payment solutions, as its secure online transactions host.

With over with 100 million account members worldwide, across 55 countries around the world. PayPal is the number one choice for online purchasing and secure online transactions.

At 123XLSX.com, our aim is to ensure that you can shop in confidence and knowledge that every transaction you make is secure.

Shopping at 123XLSX is broken down into 3 key and secure steps described here for your comfort.

Security and Shopping Step One:
The Checkout Area

Having viewed, and placed the products that you wish into your cart, you may then proceed to the Checkout Area.

In the Checkout Area, you'll be asked to Log In if you have already opened an account at 123XLSX.com.

For new users, select the New User Log In option to establish your profile.

You'll notice that 123XLSX.com does not ask you or require any details concerning payment or payment options. In fact 123XLSX.com will never know or have access to any of your preferred payment information!

That's correct 123XLSX.com will never know any details of your payment or preferred payment options. How is this possible?

All payment information, and preferred payment options are processed by PayPal, under the highest encryption and strictest security policies of any online transactions host.

Once you have Logged In, or Registered as a New User. You will come to the Check Out itself. Where your Personal Details, of name and contact information can be viewed, and revised if outdated through the Update My Personal Details Menu option.

Beneath your Personal Details, is your order. Again, available for review before submitting to PayPal and commencing Step Two.

Security and Shopping Step Two:

Once the PayPal secure transactions page has loaded, you will notice that most of the personal details is filled in. If you already have a PayPal account then you can Log In immediately.

If you don�t have an existing PayPal account, 123XLSX.com has made the process simple, by pre-filling the PayPal Payment Details form for you. The account is free to establish, and provides you with a secure channel for transactions with 123XLSX.com.

The only thing remaining to establish your free PayPal account, is select your preferred Payment options, and complete the necessary password at the bottom of the page.

For even extra security, 123XLSX.com recommends that you chose a different password to the password that you have chosen in your Personal Details, to Log In to the Check Out with your 123XLSX account.

After you have completed your payment to 123XLSX.com, PayPal will connect you to The 123XLSX.com Secure Download Area.

Security and Shopping Step Three:

After completing payment, PayPal will inform 123XLSX immediately, and will provide you with access to The 123XLSX Secure Download Area. Where you are able to download the contents of your cart immediately for use in your presentations.

When you access the area, a receipt of your order is also forwarded to your email address, for your accounting needs, and for proof of purchase.

Shop with Confidence at 123XLSX.com

These 3 key and secure steps provide you with a smooth, yet uniquely separated transactions process, to offer you the utmost in online secure shopping.

At 123XLSX we want you to feel confident that your online data, information, and purchases are secure, and private, to you, and you alone. Through these key steps 123XLSX.com makes this possible, and gives you these assurances. Because your peace of mind is our responsibility.

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