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About 123XLSX.com

123XLSX.com is a daughter company of 123OfficeMedia, a wholly owned subsidiary of 123OfficeMedia LLC

Established in July 2008, 123XLSX was created by 123OfficeMedia as its dedicated operations channel and platform for users of Microsoft Office Excel. With our primary focus and aim to provide the highest quality products and service to every Excel user, at 123XLSX.com we have designed, programmed and created a range of Excel products and services which underlines 123OfficeMedia's position as the world's leading provider of Microsoft Office templates and media resources.

Through our extensive and continually expanding library of Excel templates and spreadsheet designs, 123XLSX.com provide easy to use, professional Excel templates which perform unique daily or periodic functions such as creating balance statements, purchase orders and budgetting reports for private econonmies and smaller business users.

In addition to entry-level Excel templates, 123XLSX.com also provide more extensive Excel template and spreadsheet designs which employ several worksheets to create your document report. These advanced template designs are created for greater operational use in medium to larger sized organizations where activities such as Inventory Simulation Modelling to set stock levels, Intellectual Property Evaluation to evaluate royalty and property rights are required.

For Excel users who require immediate overview from several parallel functions, features or calculations, 123XLSX Excel dashboard reports provide the ideal solution and the ability to quickly and effectively create professional office reports and documents.

To really lift the content of your report, our custom designed Fonts and Typeface libraries provide Fonts in both truetype and postscript for both the Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms. Allowing you to raise the professionalism of your report and document by downloading uniquely designed and specialised Fonts that go beyond the standard typography provided by your operating system.

At 123XLSX.com, it is now easier than ever before to browse, select, purchase, and download a professional Excel document to your desktop. But for users who require additional or custom services, our consultants, programmers and document designers are able to assist and address unique requests through our on demand custom Excel services.

In addition to our product libraries, 123XLSX also provide custom Excel services to assist you with your own unique Excel template or spreadsheet, Excel dashboard report or calculator. Our custom presentation services can create your own unique professional report designs and layouts based upon your corporate profile or preferred colour palette. Naturally, our presentation services department can also integrate your reports into other Office applications such as Microsoft Office Word or PowerPoint to ensure your documents remain consistent and retain their professional design.

Our custom Excel Macros and database tools provide greater control over your Excel templates and spreadsheets, allowing you to not only maximize your efficiency, by performing repetitive calculations and instructions with a single keystroke. But minimizes the time and efforts you use in completing your Excel documents.

123XLSX Database design services can assist you with your database design and operation. Our database consultants can help you design your database for optimal use upon your system or integration into your existing network, platform and applications to ensure that your Excel documents and reports benefit from integrated data.

To learn more about 123XLS custom Excel services, please click here or select Custom Services from the left hand menu.

123XLS, 123DOCX, 123PPTX and 123PPT are trademarks of 123OfficeMedia LLC.

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