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Professional Excel templates and spreadsheets

Excel templates and Excel spreadsheet designs created by 123XLSX.com enable you to quickly and effectively enter your data without the need to create complex formulations or mathematical equations.

A 123XLSX Excel template is a task-oriented Excel spreadsheet that is programmed with the data fields, formulas and calculations necessary to perform a specific task such as create a budget overview, review your inventory or create a balance sheet. Each 123XLSX template is designed through easy to use, user friendly interfaces, and is the perfect way to submit and manage your data whilst being able to view and create a professional report with the minimal of effort.

Available in a wide range of colour formats to suit your preferred profile and colour palette, every 123XLSX Excel template is designed to save you time and money, whilst providing you with the ability to improve the efficiency of your daily and back office tasks.

Every Excel template contains:
  • All necessary data entry fields required to provide overview, result and report.

  • All necessary formulas and calculations required to perform the template's specific task.

  • Simple, clear and easy to use professional layouts.

  • The ability to customize the template with your personal or company details.

  • Unlimited creative freedom to add content, update, alter, and adjust your Excel template as you wish.

Our Excel templates have been sorted into various categories which can be accessed through the right hand menu, to make your selections even easier.

To learn more about your Excel templates, using Excel spreadsheets, and inserting data into your Excel templates visit our Frequently Asked Questions about Excel templates.

Latest royalty free excel templates and excel worksheet document templates
A small selection of the latest Excel templates added to the 123XLSX Excel templates section can be seen below. To view a larger detail of any Excel template, simply click its thumbnail for colour, pricing, and cart options.

The Expense Budget Sheet Excel Template in red provides a complete breakdown of personnel and wage expenses as well as operational expenses such as Advertising and Marketing, Taxes, Travel, Utilities, Office Supplies and Depreciation.
Click the Expense Budget Sheet Excel template thumbnail for colour, pricing, and purchase options
Expense Budget Sheet
Excel templates
The Equipment Tracking Excel Template in green is the ideal inventory Excel Template for equipment location, use and valuation.
Click the Equipment Tracking Excel template thumbnail for colour, pricing, and purchase options
Equipment Tracking
Excel templates
The Insurance Asset Tracker Excel Template in orange is the perfect Excel Template for managing and maintaining your assets, insurance valuations and policies.
Click the Insurance Asset Tracker Excel template thumbnail for colour, pricing, and purchase options
Insurance Asset Tracker
Excel templates
The Cash Flow Excel Template in blue is the perfect Microsoft Excel Template for accounting, management, reporting and back office use where individual monthly, monthly aggregates and annual overview of net cash flow should be viewed and presented.
Click the Cash Flow Excel template thumbnail for colour, pricing, and purchase options
Cash Flow
Excel templates
Finance & Accounting

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