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Custom Excel templates and spreadsheet designs for your business operations

The ability to gain immediate overview and insight into trends and performance comparisons across a variety of areas and sources is an invaluable and time saving function of every Excel dashboard report.

An Excel dashboard report is a graphic shell which is designed specifically to present the key data, facts and figures which you define as most valuable. Whilst the actual optimized graphic report is the culmination of several individually linked worksheets within the Excel dashboard document. The ability to define the areas of data across the periods and timeframes which you determine to be of greatest interest, for inclusion in the graphic report, provides each Excel dashboard document with the flexibility of customization and benefits of dynamically generated professional reports.

In the executive report, management meeting or board room, the need to be able to present complex relationships between figures, facts and data in a simple no fuss view which your audience can grasp quickly, understand immediately, and discuss directly is vital. Removing the need to use lengthy periods of precious time to browse, note, or comment upon individual documents and findings allows you to facilitate more immediate discussion and reach conclusion.

The ability of the Excel dashboard report to provide Chief Executive Officers with an instant overview of division performance over an annual period. Marketing Managers with an immediate insight into the exposure and performance of a campaign. Sales Managers with direct knowledge of sales team and individual performance. And Chief Financial Officers with the ability to provide visually stunning, on the spot professional reports of profit and loss. Makes the Excel dashboard report the ideal document for viewing comparative information.

As the creator of professional Excel dashboard reports, 123XLSX.com is able to meet your custom Excel dashboard and reporting needs. From basic and entry level worksheet designs and report layouts. To more complex and customized data comparison workbooks. 123XLSX.com is able to design and create the Excel dashboard that meeets your operational functionality and needs.

In combining our expert knowledge, awareness, and understanding of Excel dashboard and reporting design together with business, market, management, communication, and financial operation needs. We design, create or customize Excel dashboard reports for your own unique and specific requirements. Simply contact us today outlining your specifications for a free quotation.

Custom Excel dashboard reports
Custom Excel dashboard reports from 123XLXS.com

  • Custom Excel dashbaord designs.

  • Create new and unique Excel dashboard designs.

  • Entry level and advanced user dashboard reports and designs.

  • Complete customizable report layout and data inclusion.

  • Optimized for local currency and date formats.

  • Include all necessary worksheets.

  • Include help and data guides.

  • Optimized for Office Excel 2007 or for backwards compatibility.

  • Integrate company logos and corporate profiles.

Your own uniquely designed Excel dashboard optimized for your own unique needs

Just as no two companies or organizations operate identically so too do no two Chief Executive Officers, Chief Finanical Officers, Marketing Managers, Human Resource Manager or Sales Manager work or demand the same needs from their Excel documents and reports.

Defining and determining your own unique needs from Excel, from your data and from your figures is one aspect of the Excel dashboard. Presenting this information in isolation, in comparison to other data, or in comparison to the same data historically allows you to view trends, relationships and similarities. These trends in data, in annual periods, in office performance, or sales and market projections, can be displayed through clear and easy "at-a-glance" reports. The ability of the dashboard to be able to present in-depth and complex information simply and distinctly is perhaps the greatest strength of the dashboard.

In addition to the customization of any report, the ability to connect your Excel dashboard to your Micrsoft Access or SQL database, allows you to interact not only with the data and information which you choose to enter into Excel, but also with the data information that you have in your back office system, CRM systems and internal servers.

In whatever industry or market segment your business operates. For whichever executive, management, back office personel, or individual's reporting needs. For any daily or periodic task, process, or procedure you require your Excel dashboard to function. You'll find that your own unique Excel dashboard reports not only optimize your use of Microsoft Excel, but provide you with the infrastructure and format in which you can easily input and compare your data. Comparisons that allow you the ability to visualize your results in a fast, efficient, clear and concise way.

Integrate Excel dashboard reports across all your Office documents, publications, and presentations

As a part of 123OfficeMedia.com, 123XLSX.com, was devised, developed and created as a specialist division to work entirely within Excel spreadsheet, dashboard and Excel application development.

Through Excel document design, back office tools, macros, visual basic scripting and database integration. 123XLSX.com provides the world's leading Excel dashboard reports, Excel templates, products and creation services.

In close co-operation with our sister companies, 123PPT.com, and 123DOCX.com, we are able to combine our specialist strengths to provide you with a complete publications and presentation service. Ensuring that your Excel dashboard reports are delivered and presented in a cohesive and concise manner across all your media platforms, and all media types.

Just as the structure, layout, and value of your content, data, and information, is critical to the success of your report. So too is the visual profile in which it is delivered. Created to the highest degrees of professionalism, energy, and enthusiasm, our graphic artists and designers reflect the considerations and expectations of your readers and audience to more readily communicate clearly and concisely, accentuate and elaborate, areas of particular interest, and items of greatest focus, to keep your readers informed and your audience engaged.

Increase and improve your back office efficiency

To find out more about 123XLSX Custom Excel Services, and how our team of Excel designers, programmers and office professionals can help you make the most out of your Excel documents, and spreadsheets and improve your back office efficiency. Please contact us today for a free no obligation quote and find out why more and more companies across the globe are turning to 123XLSX.com to deliver their Excel, spreadsheet and back office tools.
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