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About 123OfficeMedia.com

Founded in the spring of 2003 by Scott Harvey, 123OfficeMedia was originally conceived by The Impossible Media Group, and began service and product provision through the portal 123PPT.com, offering professionally designed PowerPoint templates, PowerPoint backgrounds, presentation photos and images, presentation music and sound effects, custom designed fonts and typefaces and professional on demand presentation services.

Today, 123OfficeMedia represents a diverse array of online portals which provide professional and unique software applications, templates and media resources for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office applications.

From the very beginning, our focus has always been on the creation of unique, distinct and affordable products of the highest quality to allow every user of Microsoft Office the ability to create professional high-end presentations and documents. Perhaps this is why 123PPT.com quickly grew to become the world leader in PowerPoint products and presentation services.

As the first major provider of PowerPoint templates, products and services, 123PPT invented the standard of PowerPoint template presentation, of screen and print based slide designs, and is still today the only major provider of PowerPoint products and services which has its own internal designers, presentation consultants and copy writers.

Because of our focus on quality, 123PPT.com does not provide or add tens of thousands of third-party PowerPoint templates and other presentation media to its online offering. Instead, at 123PPT.com we focus on the design and creation of unique professional high-quality media which we not only create, but more importantly are able to adjust and adapt to your own unique presentation needs as we own the media we produce.

This belief and approach to product creation and customer service saw the expansion of our service delivery to incorporate document authors and users of Microsoft Word through the portal 123DOCX.com, and Excel templates and consulting for back office, accounting, management and reporting needs through the portal 123XLSX.com.

In 2008, 123OfficeMedia embarked on another landmark in Office document production, introducing the 123PPT Video Backgrounds Studio to provide users of Microsoft PowerPoint with new and exciting tools, features and functionality that allow presenters to not only insert video movies, files and clips behind their slide content, but control every aspect of speed, colour and transparency. Together with the 123PPT Presentations Player, which allows playback of full screen full motion PowerPoint presentations with video backgrounds at a stunning 25 frames per second, users of PowerPoint are now able to create truly stunning tv style PowerPoint presentations that capture and inspire audiences.

Following up on the success of the 123PPT Video Backgrounds Studio, 2009 saw the launch of the 123PPT Music & SoundFX Studio, again providing users of PowerPoint with unseen tools, features and functionality. The ability to create music playlists for individual slides or the entire presentation, cross fade music tracks, fade in and fade out, pan, create perfect seamless music loops without any playback delay, add sound effects and narrate presentations.

Today, 123OfficeMedia provides over 15,000 uniquely designed and created media products for sale through its service delivery channels and has created over 3,000 custom presentations, documents, reports, brochures and spreadsheets for individuals, small companies, large organizations and international conglomerates. With a combined user base of over 600,000 visitors per month, 123OfficeMedia is not only the world's leading provider of Microsoft Office media resources but has grown to become the pioneer for increased and improved Office application functionality through our software add-ins and applications.

For details of 123OfficeMedia.com, our products, services, advertising and affiliate programs please visit http://www.123officemedia.com.

123XLS, 123DOCX, 123PPTX and 123PPT are trademarks of 123OfficeMedia LLC. 123OfficeMedia.com, it's subsidiaries, products and service channels are wholly owned and operated by 123OfficeMedia LLC.

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