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Frequently asked questions about 123XLSX.com and 123XLSX products and services.

Welcome to 123XLSX Frequently Asked Questions about Excel Dashboard Reports.

In an effort to make the answers to your questions about 123XLSX products and services more readily available, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions into several categories which are listed in the right hand menu.

To find the answer to your question, select the category that is most relevant to your enquiry.

If you have any further questions concerning 123XLSX Excel dashboard reports or customized report layouts and designs, please contact our Customer Services Department. Our service and support staff are on hand to assist you with any and all questions that you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Excel Dashboard Reports

Questions in this category include:

How quickly can I start using Excel dashboard reports from 123XLSX.com?
You can download Excel dashboard reports immediately upon purchase.

After confirming your shopping cart, you will be transferred to PayPal, our preferred secure payment transactions host. Where you are required to complete your credit card information which will then allow you to download your order right away.
What is an Excel dashboard report?
Excel dashboard reports are a collection of integrated Excel worksheets that combine to provide a visually attractive report. Each dashboard report allows you to step back from your data and view the key trends and relationships that drive your sales, marketing and business efforts.

Each Excel dashboard report contains:
  1. Several interlinked worksheets within the Excel workbook document.
  2. Comparison graphs to visually show trends and performance quickly and effectively.
  3. The ability to customize your dashboard report with your personal or company details.
What is the difference between an Excel dashboard report and a traditional Excel template or spreadsheet?
An Excel dashboard report consists of several worksheet documents which allow you to input, update and customize data for immedaite review in the report design worksheet layout. An Excel dashboard report differs from an Excel template in that an Excel template or spreadhseet typically consists of one worksheet where calculations across several data fields combine to perform an end result.

Whilst an Excel template is the ideal solution for specific calculations and tasks, for example such as calculating a balance sheet. The Excel dashbaord report is much more indepth document providing several worksheets which are interlinked to allow comparision review and analysis in a resulting report. Updates to data, facts and figures performed in the dashboard worksheets are autmatically updated in the report providing users of Excel dashbaord reports with a dynamic visual overview of many pages of data in a single easy to view report.
Do 123XLSX Excel dashboard reports work with Excel for Macintosh and the PC?
All 123XLSX Excel dashboard reports are cross-platform and work for both Macintosh and PC Windows Office Excel application owners.
In what release versions of Excel can I use my Excel dashboard report?
Excel dashboard reports can be used in all versions - 97, 2000, 2002, XP, 2003, and Office 2007 for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.
Are 123XLSX Excel dashbaord reports compatible with Office 2007?
Yes. All 123XLSX products are compatible with the new Microsoft Office Excel 2007 edition.
How do I enter data into the Excel dashboard report?
Each 123XLSX Excel dashbaord report consists of several worksheets and a report design layout which extracts the data from the assigned worksheets in realtime and presents them in a visual report that is ideal for viewing and comparing trends, performance, sales and growth.

Each worksheet within the dashboard report document is clearly marked and colour coded data fields with legends to help and assist you with data entry.
How do I create a report?
One of the strengths of the Excel dashboard is its ability to generate your report automatically and in realtime so that any changes or calculations carried out on any of the accompanying worksheets instantly updates the worksheets correpsonding graph, chart and data characteristics in the report. To view the report and results of your current data simply select the Report worksheet from within your Excel dashboard.
How do I customize and alter my report?
Every 123XLSX Excel dashboard report is fully customizable. Changing the names of data allows you to change names of graph axis and legends. Updating data in your worksheets allows you to change the resulting graphs and charts for the representing data. Adding or removing worksheets allows you to add or remove graphs and charts from the report to increase view and trend analysis or narrow and reduce comparison scope. Scaling and adjusting individual graph layout and size allows you to add focus to one or more worksheet results.

In addition to data updating and in/ exclusion, every 123XLSX Excel dashboard report allows you to change your company, and report title details as well as update and adjust your reports colour scheme and font definitions.
Am I free to use any Excel dashboard report as often as I like?
By purchasing a 123XLSX Excel dashboard report you purchase a royalty free Excel dashboard report license for the Excel dashboard. The royalty free Excel dashboard report license allows you to use your Excel dashboard in any Excel document or presentation as often as you desire without the need to pay any license or additional fee.

However, you are not permitted to re-sell or use the worksheets, or report provided within the Excel dashboard report product to produce another Excel dashboard for any or other commercial (resale) purposes. In the event of doing so 123XLSX recognizes its legal right as author of the Excel dashboard template, and all calculations, formulations, layouts and report design that comprise the Excel dashboard.

Further information can be found within the Copyright & License frequently asked questions listing regarding 123XLSX Excel dashboard report copyright section.
Does 123XLSX provide a custom Excel dashboard report service?
Yes absolutely. 123XLSX provide custom Excel template, spreadsheet, Excel Macro, Excel application and Excel dashboard report on demand services.

Every custom Excel dashboard report is dependent upon the number and extent of integrated worksheets, requirements of the report and degree of customization that the report must provide.

As the creator of professional Excel dashboard reports, 123XLSX.com is able to meet your custom Excel dashboard and reporting needs. From basic and entry level worksheet designs and report layouts. To more complex and customized data comparison workbooks.

Every custom Excel dashboard report includes:
  • As many interlinked worksheets as required for your data analysis and comparison needs.
  • Complete customization abilties to rotate, move, add, or remove sections from your report.
  • Comparison graphs to visually show trends and performance quickly and effectively.
  • Simple, clear and easy to use professional layouts.
  • In built help and dashboard assistance for every section of every worksheet.
  • Your Excel dashboard report created in your corporate colour palette with your company logo or personal details.
  • Unlimited creative freedom to add content, update, alter, and adjust your Excel dashboard report as you wish.

Contact the 12XLSX design and development team to find out more about how we can create the Excel dashboard that is right for your reporting needs and view trends and comparisons that allow you to visualize your results and report in a fast, efficient, clear and concise manner. For a cost effective free quotation, contact us today, and find out why more and more organizations are turning to 123XLSX.com to deliver their Excel, spreadsheet and back office tools.
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